Academic Tutoring

Mobile Academics uses an in home, one-on-one tutoring approach to help each student reach his or her highest academic potential. This approach is more effective than that of the traditional academic tutoring companies because it allows each student to work at his or her own pace and receive individualized attention from the tutor. When tutors work one-on-one with students it allows them to formulate a customized plan for each student, which is an important part of successful tutoring.

Mobile Academics serves children of all ages and academic levels. Since we provide an array of highly qualified tutors to our students we are able to match each student up with a tutor who specializes in the subject he or she needs help with. At Mobile Academics, we are proud to offer a variety of academic tutoring services in virtually any subject your child needs assistance with. Our experienced tutors specialize in the following subjects:

  • Basic Math through Calculus
  • Reading
  • English (writing, grammar, composition)
  • Foreign languages
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • ACT and SAT Test Preparation (group tutoring available)
  • Study Skills
  • and more

At Mobile Academics we not only focus on the subject matter your child needs help with, but also on the basic learning skills every child needs in order to be a successful student. Through our in home, one-on-one tutoring approach, students will receive personalized attention, as well as obtain invaluable skills that will encourage them to learn and help them to succeed. Give us a call at Mobile Academics for more information about our academic tutoring programs.