SAT Test Format

The SAT occupies 3 hours with an optional 50 minute Writing portion. Interested in registering for the SAT test? Visit our registration page and sign up today.

Section Length Skills Measured in Section
Critical Reading 65 minutes Reading passages of different lengths, comprehension and grasp of the
English language.
Math 80 minutes
Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, statistics and probability skills.
Writing and Language 35 minutes Original essay writing, sentence improvement, identifying errors and
improving paragraphs.

Here is what each student can expect from the various passages:

Critical Reading
This 65-minute section has 42 questions stemming from reading passages of varying lengths. These questions are passage-based. This passage measures the student’s ability to read long passages, with questions focused on comprehension, vocabulary and syntax.

This 70-minute section has 58 questions, 44 of which are multiple choice and 10 of which are response. This section measures skills that are expected of student in their junior year of high school. These areas include number and operation rules, algebra, data and statistical analysis, measurement and geometry.

Writing and Language
This 35-minute section of the SAT measures the student’s command of the English language through basic skills of proofreading, editing and revising. This section has 44 multiple choice questions. Using standard English conventions, students will be required to infer and improve the passage in a variety of areas.

Essay Portion
The test has an optional essay portion, which takes 50 minutes and is based on one prompt.