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Rachael from Mobile Academics was our son’s math tutor from the time he entered middle school to the time he graduated from high school. I can’t imagine a better tutor! She taught our son new material, reviewed old concepts, helped with homework, and prepared him for classroom quizzes and tests as well as the ACT. With Rachael’s help, our son did very well, but not just because of her teaching skills and math knowledge. The way Rachael worked with our son was amazing. Kind, patient and extremely caring, she related well to him and spent time addressing his concerns and needs. She was also very flexible and always tried hard to accommodate his schedule, meeting on different days or extra times when needed. Rachael also went “the extra mile”, reaching out to teachers to be sure she covered the right material and to help our son perform better on tests. I honestly believe Rachael would be an excellent tutor for any child, regardless of gender or age. - Terri O - Highland Park, IL

Rachael worked hard with my son and helped to reinforce good study habits. She closely followed his work in junior high and made sure he stayed on track with his homework, quizzes, and tests. As he moves through high school, Rachael's tutors are helping to ensure he is prepared for college. - Amy S - Highland Park, IL

Rachael worked hard with my son and instilled good study habits that I know he will use at college. My son was not the easiest student to work with and she handled him well.  Rachael worked very closely with my son's teachers, reporting back to me on a regular basis.  - Patrick - Vernon Hills, IL

I have known Rachael Gluck professionally for ten years.  I have referred many students to Rachael for math tutoring as well as ACT test preparation.  Rachael is a true professional, working with adolescents from ages 11-18.  She is flexible and patient and helps students get past their 'math phobia'!  Rachael tutored my son who is now a senior in college! - Lisa T - Highland Park, IL

Rachael has worked with our son as both an ACT and Math tutor.  She did an excellent job helping him get prepared to take the ACT test. He had a lot of anxiety about the test, and thanks to her extremely accommodating style, he was able to improve his composite score a couple of points, and even got a perfect score in math. We found her very easy to work with, and appreciated all of her follow up.  We feel she went above and beyond, even reaching out to his teachers. She was very kind and caring. We would highly recommend her.  - Susan B - Vernon Hills

Mobile Academics personalized approach to helping my daughter prepare for the ACT's made a significant difference in her readiness and understanding of the test sections. Despite a heavy course load at school, the test preparation did not get in the way of her studies and led to a significant increase in the ACT scores for her weakest areas. She was confident going into her first test and knew exactly what to expect. Your specific strategies in science, math, and reading helped her reach her goals. - Debbie - Vernon Hills, IL

Just wanted to thank you for your work with my daughter in helping her to prepare for the ACT.  She improved her overall score from last time from 31 to 33 and significantly improved her science (from 31 to  35) and reading scores (from 30 to 33), she was able to keep her math score at a 29.  My daughter felt like the strategies they practiced helped her significantly. - Debbie, Highland Park, IL