What is Executive Function Disorder?

Executive functions are a set of mental processes within the brain that help us perform everyday tasks including planning, organizing, strategizing, recalling details and managing time. A child diagnosed with executive function disorder finds it extremely difficult to complete everyday tasks because performance disruption has been caused to the executive system. This disruption can affect the child’s neurocognition and behavioral patterns, making it difficult to for him or her to achieve academic success.

How does Executive Function Disorder affect learning?

Children with executive function issues often find it difficult to maintain productivity in large group settings, including the classroom. They lack the skills necessary to understand when it is appropriate to ask for help or when to speak in a classroom setting, and have trouble beginning and completing their assignments promptly. Unlike other learning disorders such as Dyslexia, executive dysfunction affects all areas of learning and all academic subjects. One-on-one tutoring is the best solution available to help children who struggle with executive dysfunction achieve academic success.

How does tutoring help children with Executive Function Disorder?

By working with a Mobile Academics tutor, your child will receive individualized attention specific to his or her needs. A tutor will work with your child to help him or her focus on one subject at a time and complete each assigned task. Some strategies a tutor might use to help a child with executive dysfunction include:

  • Using visual aides
  • Planning transition times and shifts in activities and subjects
  • Using both written and oral instructions
  • Creating “to do” lists that include the due dates of each assignment
  • Organizing the work space
  • Making a checklist to get through assignments

Working one-on-one with a Mobile Academics tutor will give a child with Executive Function Disorder the personalized attention that is vital to academic success.